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The Quarter-Lee Report

Welcome to the Quarter-Lee Report podcast page!

Here you'll be able to listen & comment about each show: past, present & future.

NBA, Boxing, Football & everything in between. Listen to the whole show, or just a quarter at a time. Ether way, enjoy!

Sep 27, 2018

On this week's episode Armon gives a scorching hot take that will shock most NBA observers (But will most likely prove to be true)(00:01 - 00:19)

Anthony Joshua continued his dominance in the Heavyweight division but nothing truly matters until he steps in the ring vs Deontay Wilder. Or does it?

(00:20 - 00:31)


Sep 20, 2018

On this week's show, Armon breaks down one of the more entertaining storylines in sports this year: Vontae Davis getting the F out of Buffalo.

(01:00 - 11:00)

Karl Anthony Towns & Jimmy Butler's issues seem to be beyond the point of repair, but how is it that Andrew Wiggins of all people has found himself in the worst...

Sep 13, 2018

On this week's show Armon has a change of heart when it comes to the Greatest of All-time discussion, and its the answer EVERYONE should have.

(01:00 - 37:00)

The Bobby Brown documentary brought back old feelings for many as BET shined last week. But what has to happen for the network to repair its tarnished...

Sep 6, 2018

On this week's episode Armon wonders what is going on with the Raiders and the NFL as a whole on why more and more teams are not taking care of their elite players

(01:20 - 10:47)

Many are singing about "living their best life" currently, but one man is doing so -- on his own terms. Its just crazy to think how Joe...