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The Quarter-Lee Report

Welcome to the Quarter-Lee Report podcast page!

Here you'll be able to listen & comment about each show: past, present & future.

NBA, Boxing, Football & everything in between. Listen to the whole show, or just a quarter at a time. Ether way, enjoy!

Jun 25, 2019

On this week's show: Armon breaks down the NBA Finals and the start of Free Agency

(2:00 - 17:00)

The NBA Draft is in the books, however we need to stop the instant analysis of incoming players.

(18:00 - 33:00)

And Russell Peddle from Number Fire stops by to give his thoughts on the Raptors first NBA championship, and...

Jun 11, 2019

On this week's episode Armon tackles the sensitive issue about the NBA's diversity when it comes to Front Office hires. And how analytics plays a part.

(02:00 - 35:00)

"Hive Mind" mentality is at an all-time high, but how did it get this way? 

(39:00 - 50:00)

Plus after Kevin Durant's devastating injury, we breakdown...

Jun 4, 2019

On this week's show Armon breaks down the huge upset in boxing, and looks at what's next for the HW division

(02:00 - 23:00)

Bradley Beal is the center of many trade scenarios, but should the Wizards move the young All-Star? There are a few questions you have to answer before you make your decision.

(27:00 - 48:00)