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The Quarter-Lee Report

Welcome to the Quarter-Lee Report podcast page!

Here you'll be able to listen & comment about each show: past, present & future.

NBA, Boxing, Football & everything in between. Listen to the whole show, or just a quarter at a time. Ether way, enjoy!

Apr 15, 2020

On this episode, Armon breaks down the rift between Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert, and why *IF* Utah needs to choose between the two, there really isn't much of a choice.

(01:48 - 22:57)

Sean McVay was billed as a "phenom" not too long ago, but is the NFL having buyer's remorse?

(23:00 - 38:05)

And Dana White did...

Apr 7, 2020

On this week's show, Armon breaks down why New York had Mannie Fresh all the way f*cked up.

(1:41 - 19:50)

We all know the NFL lacks integrity, but their latest move stoops to new lows.

(20:02 - 36:06)

And my guy, Chris Miller stops by to preview the documentary the ENTIRE sports world cant wait to see.

(48:07 - 1:07:25)

Mar 31, 2020

On this week's show, Armon discusses the Carolina Panthers' decision to move on from Cam Newton.

(02:03 - 14:55)

Yall really fans of The Weekend? Well, I finally had enough! My honest take on one of the most popular "singers" in the world.

(15:09 - 25:38)

And Brian H. Waters stops by to give his thoughts on...

Mar 24, 2020

On this week's show Armon explains why the Patriots are 'business as usual' with Tom Brady's exit to Tampa

(01:39 - 18:02)

After this past week, Im not even mad at the inevitable robot revolution anymore.

(18:13 - 34:30)

Plus Frank Hanrahan stops by to discuss the lack of concern over privacy violations during the...

Mar 17, 2020

On this week's episode Armon examines how the country has made Rudy Gobert public enemy #1 despite acting almost exactly how he did.

(01:45 - 24:16)

We all know Jay-Z is an amazing rapper, but once again he shows, he's not amazing when it comes our BIGGEST fight.

(24:28 - 46:51)

And Chuck Modiano joins me to discuss his...