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Tired of the same old cliched sports topics? Well on the "Quarter-Lee Report" Armon Lee discusses the most interesting topics in sports and entertainment, in a new fresh and creative way. You've never heard sports, or a podcast quite like this one. Trust us.
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Mar 1, 2018

On this week's episode we discuss a wild week for the Dallas Mavericks both on the floor and off.

Deontay Wilder is about to have his biggest test in the ring this weekend, but is he feeling himself too much with his latest declaration?

And Mark Moore stops by to breakdown the significance of the film, "Black Panther". And we rank our top 5 Marvel movies.

Feb 22, 2018

On this week's episode Armon breaks down NBA All-Star weekend & the most memorable moment for him. No, it's not Fergie.

We all love television and movies, but Hollywood has become too lazy. Hear why a blast from the past isn't always a good thing.

Plus super-producer David Devall stops by to breakdown the ultra competitive Welterweight division in boxing & what to expect from the Wizards for their last 25 games.

Feb 15, 2018

On this week's show Armon asks why have we as NBA fans completely ignored the Raptors' chances at postseason success?

Everyone is excited for the release of "Black Panther". But things are getting a little out of hand... like the "Blankman" disrespect.

Plus, Elon Musk is back on his B.S. again, but he's not alone ... the machines are coming!

Feb 8, 2018

On this week's episode, Armon gives us his thoughts on an exciting Super Bowl, and why coaches, not QB's may be the league's biggest commodity.

The Wizards' chemistry issues continue to be put on full display after an eye-opening interview with John Wall. What, if anything should Washington do?

Plus Monica McNutt stops by to give her thoughts on the Cavaliers mess and Justin Timberlake's controversial halftime performance.

Feb 1, 2018

On this week's show Armon breaks down the Blake Griffin trade, and why you should NEVER make a move out of desperation.

Many were up in arms (again) about the results from this weekend's Grammy awards. But if you're still upset, you only have yourself to blame.

Plus Erika Fernandez from @BSO stops by to give her take on the Welterweight division and if the Knicks should be "buyers or sellers" at the trade deadline.

Jan 25, 2018

On this week's episode, Armon discusses why the Wizards shouldn't have a player on their roster who is "untouchable".

Rooting against Tom Brady is a fools exercise and I know first hand, because I tried it growing up when I rooted against Jordan.

Plus Live Content Producer for Vimeo & huge NBA fan Ian McCoy stops by to talk NBA rookies & Wiz-Kids

Jan 18, 2018

On this week's episode I debate which WR was truly the best: Terrell Owens or Randy Moss. My answer may shock you.

When talking of the best coaches of the NBA we always hear about Pop and Kerr or even Doc Rivers. But one man has been criminally underrated. I try to change that.

Plus my cousin, Saadiq Abdul makes his monthly appearance on the show to tell me if I'm right, or if I'm crazy.

Jan 11, 2018

On this week's episode Armon does something that maybe no other Knick fan has ever done... defend Paul Pierce.

Many complain about athletes being greedy for taking large $$$ to sign with a team, and for those folks "Angry Man" has a few choice words for you.

Plus Brian Mitchell stops by to give his thoughts on the Hall of Fame, Lamar Jackson & Kirk Cousins -- trust us, you wont want to miss this interview.

Dec 28, 2017

On this week's episode someone is sick of replay in ALL of sports. Should the NFL and NBA do away with instant replay for good? You decide.

The NFL playoffs are around the corner and while most of us expect either Tom Brady or Ben Roethlisberger to represent the AFC in the big game, its not so easy in the NFC. Travis Thomas stops by to give his thoughts on who is the favorite.

Plus 2017 is coming to an end, Armon gives you his biggest takeaways from a year that we'll all remember (and maybe try to forget) for a long time.


Dec 21, 2017

On this week's episode Armon breaks down how chaos in the NFL has become so common this year, it actually worked in the league's favor.

Kobe Bryant was treated to a great ceremony as the Lakers retired both of his numbers. But the question remains:Is Kobe overrated or is the "Black Mamba" among the game's elite? Well it depends on who you're around.

And WJXTV's Brian Jackson makes his second appearance to the show as he gives us the inside scoop on just how dangerous the Jacksonville Jaguars are.

Dec 14, 2017

On this week's show Armon wonders whats going on in the NFL season. As strange things continue to occur both on and off the gridiron.

Sam Presti has been everyone's favorite GM for years in the NBA, and rightfully so. But its time to look at all of his moves, not just his great drafts.

Plus J. Michael stops by to discuss the curious case of DeMarcus Cousins and his thoughts on Guillermo Rigondeaux stopping his highly anticipated fight vs Vasyl Lomachenko

Nov 30, 2017

On this week's episode I tell you why despite being the youngest MVP ever, Derrick Rose should NOT be a hall of famer. Plus that MVP should be voided TBH.

The Boston Celtics have been playing amazing this year. They are legit title contenders, and they're doing this ALL without their highest paid player... which is why I say trade him! I explain.

Plus my cousins, and Sports Analyst, Saadiq Abdul makes his monthly appearance to tell me why my takes are wrong, and why Aqib Talib is making the NFL fun again.

Nov 23, 2017

On this week's show, Armon once again becomes frustrated by the actions of Kevin Durant. But is he overreacting?

Baker Mayfield is fun, brash and interesting. But unfortunately, he probably wont be for long. Find out why.

And writer for the Indy Star, Clifton Brown stops by to talk about the surprising Indiana Pacers and what Paul George can expect when he returns to Indy in a few weeks.

Nov 16, 2017

On this week's episode Armon talks about how despite not growing up a fan of the Hurricanes, he and every college football fan should be happy they're back.

Andrew Luck was supposed to be the second coming when the Colts drafted him 7 years ago. However, Indy has somehow managed to  ruin the start of his career.

Plus Mark Moore stops by to breakdown a huge week for comics on the big and small screen.

Nov 9, 2017

On this week's episode, Armon tells you why there are no more excuses why Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua shouldn't fight in 2018. Even though both fighters have good reasons why they haven't fought yet.

The technological revolution WILL be televised. And it will happen not because of an A.I. uprising, but because of convenience. I try to stop it John Connor style.

Plus SB Nation and Bullets Forever contributor, Michael Sykes stops by to fill us in on what's working with Adidas, and what's not, with John Wall.

Nov 2, 2017

 On this week's episode, Armon talks about how the Sports Gods have cursed the city of Cleveland, especially the Browns after this week's wild events.

The NFL may be stuck in a bad situation, but they can learn a thing or two from their College Football counterparts. Hear why CFB is hitting on all the right keys, by doing WAY less.

Plus I'm joined by NBATV's own Chris Miles as we breakdown the first 2 weeks of the NBA season. And discuss what's actually wrong with Lebron James and the Cavaliers.

Oct 26, 2017

On this week's show Armon talks about all the drama surrounding the Suns and Eric Bledsoe, while considering relegation.

Everyone has a "Top 20 Southern Rap Albums" list. And now we do too! See if you agree with ours, but here's one piece of advice: Don't say a word about entry #7.

And blogger Brieon Paige stops by to weigh in on her Chiefs, while also giving her take on Justin Timberlake performing at this year's Super Bowl.

Oct 19, 2017

On this week's episode, Armon asks why is there such a different reaction between Gordon Hayward's injury and Aaron Rodger's, even though they happened just days apart.

Baseball's playoffs have been AMAZING. Unfortunately for the sport their old-timers keep getting in the way of a new generation.

Plus my cousin Saadiq Abdul makes his monthly appearance to give us his NBA predictions and tell us why Carson Wentz is the real deal.

Oct 12, 2017

On this week's episode Armon talks about how the NFL has become stranger than fiction. Literally.

D.C. Sports has a very odd curse, but the cure is simple. Just take a look at Boston, Cleveland & Chicago.

And NBC Sports Washington's Keely Diven stops by to preview the NBA season. Specifically, can anyone stop Golden State? And how far can John Wall lead the Wizards.

Oct 5, 2017

On this week's show Armon discusses why the Cleveland Cavaliers have as good a shot at anyone at beating the Golden State Warriors, and why Kevin Love's "defense" is key.

Michael Beasley is a lot of things, but this week he becomes our "Sports Wanksta" wait until you hear why.

And Daniel Martin from NBC Sports Washington stops by to break down the FBI's investigation into NCAA hoops, and what LaMelo Ball's homeschooling means for his college and pro future.

Sep 28, 2017

On this week's show Armon weighs in on the NFL protests and lets you know why the initial message has been completely lost.

Carmelo Anthony's tenure as a Knick has come to an end, but reflecting on his legacy in New York is a bit complicated.

Plus former Ravens Linebacker and Super Bowl champion, Brad Jackson stops by to give his thoughts on the protests, paying quarterbacks and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Sep 21, 2017

On this week's show Armon weighs in on Kevin Durant's twitter scandal and Kyrie Irving's amazing yet puzzling interview.

Boxing gave us an entertaining and fun fight last weekend, but all anyone's talking about is the score of one judge. And that's a huge problem I try to fix.

Plus my cousin Saadiq Abdul stops by for his monthly appearance to talk NBA and why D.C. is still so attached to RGIII.

Sep 14, 2017

On this week's show Armon tells you why he's SO excited for Saturday's showdown between Gennady Golovkin & Canelo Alvarez. Travis Thomas also stops by to weigh in.

Lil Wayne has quite the musical catalogue, unfortunately ranking his best album has been a failed task, that is until now.

And with the NBA season right around the corner, the annual tradition of ridiculous lists & ranks has once again appeared, but lets not fall into the trap again.

Sep 7, 2017

On this week's episode, Armon tackles why fans seem to hate the players that they devote so much time and energy into following.


John Wall says he's the best "two-way" point-guard in the NBA. Is he right?


Plus, Matthew Stafford shows why despite the narrative, the Lions will always be the Lions.

Aug 24, 2017

On this week's show, Armon breaks down the biggest trade in the NBA and wonders, just how good is Kyrie Irving?

Its tough for many to admit when they're wrong, but not for Armon. He takes back one of his recent stances on one of the biggest sporting events of the summer.

Plus CSN Mid-Atlantic's own Michael Jenkins stops by to discuss College Football.

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