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The Quarter-Lee Report

Welcome to the Quarter-Lee Report podcast page!

Here you'll be able to listen & comment about each show: past, present & future.

NBA, Boxing, Football & everything in between. Listen to the whole show, or just a quarter at a time. Ether way, enjoy!

Apr 11, 2019

On this week's show Armon breaks down the sudden and obvious downfall of Magic Johnson as the Lakers President of Basketball Ops.

(02:00 - 16:00)

For 100 episodes we've preached financial discipline re: to paying NFL Quarterbacks. But will we change our minds when it affects our favorite QB?

(17:00 - 31:00)


And Saadiq Abdul joins us for his monthly visit where we debate who's career was better: D-Wade or Paul Pierce

33:00 - 56:00)